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Crafts & Hobbies Group

The Hobby and Craft Group meet on the second Wednesday of the month! (next meeting 11th January 2023)

For more information contact

Crafts & Hobbies Group 

The Craft and Hobby Group meets on a regular basis.

All welcome, share or learn a skill or hobby and meet your neighbours.

£2 requested to cover costs.

Wednesday 11th January 2pm to 4pm 

Happy New Year! May it be a year of good health and many successful projects!!
This month’s meeting is Wednesday 11th January, 2-4pm. Hopefully you are full of exciting ideas for creating wonderful things! Or perhaps you just need to meet up and learn something new this year?  One of the SWI challenges this year is to digitally alter a photograph…, if anyone could give me a few tips I would appreciate them.
For the stitchers this month- using your sewing machine to make a thread catcher or maybe a simple cushion cover??   Also taking the dress-making on to the next step, if you wish.
I am still hoping that a Craft Fair will be held in April. Any ideas are welcome.
Looking forward to seeing you.

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