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Grow & Show 

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Grow & Show (20th August 2022)

Grow & Show Gardening Event (Saturday 20th August 2022)

The fourth Grow and Show gardening event at Whitehouse Village Hall was a great celebration of what can be achieved in our gardens. Entries of garden produce made a wonderful display of the growing successes of local gardeners. Despite the varying weather this year, there were excellent vegetables produced and the wide variety on show gave the viewing public plenty to muse over as they tried to select their choices for the People’s Vote. The Grow and Show event is intentionally a non-competitive show- we want everybody to feel able to show off what they have achieved in their gardens! The People’s Vote engages the visitors and hopefully encourages their participation in the next year’s show.  The flowers entered in ‘Best of my Garden’ class were a delight and gave a very colourful display.
The results of the People’s Vote were: Fruit and Veg- Wendy Spy; Flowers&Floral Art- Ian McLachlan. They were presented with beautifully crafted wooden plaques made by John Coon.
This year we had tasty hot food- Ifferdale Farm beefburgers, Venison sausages (Stewart Marshall, gamekeeper) and a lovely selection of home-made cakes served with tea/coffee.  Tarbert Spinners gave an interactive show of the skills in spinning wool- this was enjoyed by all ages. The fun painting stall produced some lovely painted vases, all quite unique! The business of wine-making was presented by Gareth Roberts. A highlight of the afternoon was the GQT session, chaired with great humour by David Spy and this year’s experts Daniel Griffiths, Ian McLachlan and John Wylie shared their wide knowledge answering many questions from the audience. This year’s weather seemed to be the main contributing factor to several gardening problems. Not something we can control!!
The Show was kindly supported by the COOP, Kintyre Electrics, D. McNair &Son Ltd, The Garden Shop, The Factory Shop, MacKay’s Ironmongers, The Gather restaurant, Ifferdale Farm, Stewart Marshall Gamekeeper.  And of course many of the local community in their donations of baking and items for the Bottle Stall.

Thank you to our Sponsors and those who made donations

The organisers would like to thank the many volunteers who gave their time before, during and after the show and in particular sponsors who have given cash or donations or lent equipment. In particular these are;


  • The Co-Op,

  • D. McNair & Son Ltd

  • The Garden Shop, Campbeltown,

  • The Factory Shop, Campbeltown,

  • Kintyre Electrics, Tarbert,

  • Ifferdale Farm, Kintyre Beef,

  • Stewart Marshall, Gamekeeper,

  • Mackay's Ironmongers, Tarbert,

  • The Gather Restaurant.

Creating our own vase designs at the Painting Tent. Lovely vases for the beautiful flowers we grow in our gardens.  Lots of fun at the Grow and Show gardening event in Whitehouse.

 Grow & Show Highlights (August 2021)

Whitehouse once again produced a top notch Grow and Show on Saturday. The event was attended by more than 70 people, with 20 people entering over 100 garden produce entries. 40 people took part in the people’s vote and the winners of the beautifully carved awards by John Coon were:


  • Floral:                   Hilary Sinclair

  • Vegetable:           Amanda Curley

  • Fruit:                     Wendy Spy

  • Children's:            Robert Hawthorn.


The Show was opened by Cllr Anne Horn who received a beautiful bouquet at the end. While numbers were down on previous years, (we were unlucky with the weather!) everyone agreed there was plenty of interest. In addition to contributing garden produce, visitors could enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and freshly cooked burgers.

There were some lucky winners at the bottle stall and a number of problems were aired at Gardeners' Question Time, ably chaired by David Spy. Pete Creech, Iain McLachlan and John and Margit Wyllie did their best to help out with queries about mystery brassicas, eliminating bracken and plants to attract bees. Margit produced a fine-looking pepper plant and explained how she had kept it going over the winter, then gave a brief talk on hydroponics.

Outside, our new gazebos were put to use at the food stall and at the Paint a Plant Pot stall. Peter Simson gave a fascinating demonstration of green woodworking and invited people to try it themselves. The plant stall was popular too with flowers, veg and shrubs on sale.

The organisers would like to thank the many volunteers who gave their time before, during and after the show and in particular sponsors who have given cash or donations or lent equipment. In particular these are;


  • The Co-Op,

  • Argyll and Bute Council Community Fund,

  • D. McNair and Son Ltd.,

  • Mackay's Ironmongers, Tarbert,

  • Kintyre Electrics, Tarbert,

  • Hyslop Butchers, Tarbert,

  • Skipness Smokehouse,

  • The Garden Shop, Campbeltown,

  • The Factory Shop, Campbeltown

  • Tarbert Academy.

Watch the Grow & Show highlights!